11 Reasons Why You Can not Lose Weight Despite Your Diet

11 Reasons Why You Can not Lose Weight Despite Your Diet

You hunt for the pounds and see them fly at an astonishing speed. Then you reach a landing. You can not lose weight despite your diet. Your weight is stagnating. In the worst case, not only do you lose weight, but you gain weight.

The stagnation of weight loss can frustrate and discourage. Most people who have diet will tell you.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this article about stagnation of weight  :

  • How to break a diet tier
  • Things to never do when you can not lose weight anymore
  • Why it can happen that we gain weight when we do everything to lose
  • The different ways to increase one’s metabolism
  • What is the best drink to burn fat
  • A simple test to find out if you suffer from insulin resistance
  • Warning:  This article deals with cases where we can not lose weight anymore. That is, cases where there is weight loss, but the diet comes to a plateau. You started a diet just recently and the needle of the scale refuses to move? In this case, read this article .

Reason # 1: You eat too little (draconian diet)

Many women are too restrictive and eat too little in a chronic way. In the end, they can not lose weight anymore.

How to be surprised when it’s been years that the slimming market is flooded with all kinds of draconian hypocaloric diets.

It is to this “nutrition expert” that will provide the most stringent advice.

But in the end, these rarely work. It is then that one asks me “I can not lose weight anymore; How is it possible ? “. The famous diet stop.

Losing weight is not just about figuring out what you put in your mouth. If you only count calories, you neglect healthy, nutritious foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

After three days of severe caloric restriction, the metabolism slows down ( source ).

This is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to prevent weight gain after stopping a draconian diet ( source ). At the end of the diet, the pounds often come back at a gallop.

Draconian diets, however, have certain advantages.

People who suffer from obesity can benefit in the short term, under the supervision of a doctor.

A draconian diet lasting 4 to 12 weeks is provoking significant changes in terms of weight loss and metabolic health in people with obesity ( source , source ).

A strict caloric restriction can help to lose a few pounds quickly but also make sure to change your lifestyle and your eating habits in the long term. Otherwise, you will take back most of the pounds you lost, and you will feel worse!

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