Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Contact Lenses

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Contact Lenses

It’s often said that ‘Eyes are the most beautiful part of human body’. It is one of the best gift God has given us. Also it is the most important  organ of our body. We are able to see this beautiful world because of our eyes.The eyes are the first thing that people notice when they see our face. Our eyes are like the mirror of our soul. One can see our true emotions jut by looking in our eyes. It helps you dream, and also shows you the reality.

When these eyes get weak, we try to protect them. There are many problems that out eyes face, like the sunlight or any other intense light, the dust or any foreign matterthat can harm them. Sometimes even pitch darkness can cause irritation to our eyes. There are numerous ways people use to protect their precious eyes. We wear shades to protect them from the outer harmful things. While spectacles are used to nullify the damage caused to them. But the best invention in the history of ‘Eyes’ as we can call it was the contact lenses. Like seriously who will take care of the spectacles all the time? And people who love their eyes and don’t want to hide it behind the spectacles, this invention was very beneficial for them. While some people use it as a replacement to spectacles, there are a few who use contact lenses to make their eyes look more beautiful or to change the colour of their eyes. As there are spectacles available in the market which contains lens with or without  number (that is zero number), similarly there are contact lenses available with or without number. The zero number lens comes in variety of colours. Such lenses are available in market as one time use contact lenses. But the best advise is don’t but contact lenses without prescription. As we all know attractive things come with a list of precautions.

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a numbered contact lens or a zero number contact lens, there are some important instructions you need to follow. The first and foremost precaution you should take is that always wash your hand before handling your contact lenses. Wash and rinse your hands with a non – cosmetic mild soap and dry your hands with tissues or lint – free cloth. Secondly, clean your lenses with the prescribed solution after removing it. Also wash the lens storing case in warm soapy water at least once a week. Make sure the case is dry after you wash and wipe it. In case you are too clumsy and drop your lens, clean and rinse it before applying it again. Make sure to not use tap water while cleaning or soaking your  lenses. And also never put your lenses in your mouth for wetting it or cleaning it.

While stepping out of the house, carry your lens case and solution with you. Make it a habit to blink regularly. Regular blinking helps keeping the lens clean and moist. The solution you use should be thrown after one month from the day you opened it and a new solution should be used. Always use a prescribed solution. Just in case, keep your spectacles updated, for you never know when you might lose you lens or break it. Where swimming goggles while swimming with your contact lenses.

Contact lenses act as a foreign thing to your eyes, so your eyes may feel irritation and talking about irritation, if you feel the irritation, never rub your eyes vigorously with your lenses on. Never, I repeat never wear your contact lenses if you feel irritation or if you are unwell. If your eyes redden or feel uncomfortable, immediately remove your lenses. Keep your lenses and lens storage case away from heat. While using numbered lenses, make sure youdon’t mix up your lenses. To avoid mixing up, always remove and apply the right lens first. Also, confirm to have placed it correctly in your eyes or the storage case before taking the left one.

Avoid contact with sprays. Apply your hairsprays, spray cologne or deodorants before you insert the lenses or shut your eyes tightly until the spray has settled. Don’t use any sort of eye drops while wearing your lenses. Sleepy heads prevent sleeping with your contact lenses on, don’t forget to remove them before sleeping. Or consult a doctor before using them during your sleep. Don’t worry, it won’t affect the clarity of your dreams. Also use eye protection while riding in open cars for the wind may blow away the lenses. While handling the lenses near the sink make sure the sink is dry as when the lens drops, it looks like a water bubble.

Afterall, our eyes are the most valuable thing, so whatever experiments you do on it, be careful with it and keep your eyes out of danger always. So you can get free check up by using Discount codes for Contect Lens.

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