Head for seasonal fruits and vegetables!

Head for seasonal fruits and vegetables!

The month of April is ideal to consume seasonal vegetables that will accompany the return of spring, while winter vegetables will quietly withdraw .

Nature is well done, and the vitamins and nutrients provided by seasonal fruits and vegetables will get you out of winter in great shape!

Carrot, cauliflower, asparagus, peas, spinach, artichokes … garnish the spring baskets, just like banana, avocado, rhubarb, lemon or mango!

Zoom on a few of them.

Carrots: Long live the good-looking effect!

Who has not heard “eat carrots, will you have a pretty complexion”? Indeed, the carrot, rich in beta carotene or provitamin A, has important antioxidant properties and beneficial for the skin. It also contains other carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin pigments that can fight against macular degeneration and are involved in the prevention of cataracts.

Tasted quickly (within 3 days) to keep its freshness, the carrot is picked from April to July, then relayed by the carrot season.

Vegetable carrot oil is especially recommended before, during and after a tanning period. It helps to have a nice tan, but the “good-looking” effect brought by the carrot oil does not dispense to put sunscreen!

Carrot essential oil , for its part, is an excellent regenerator of the epidermis in case of acne, eczema or age spots. It also has a remarkable anti-aging effect. Finally, it also helps to detoxify and drain the liver and kidneys.

Spinach: leaves full of health!

The young spinach shoots appeared on the market stalls. Very rich in water, this vegetable is very low in calories! Rich in fiber and antioxidants, vitamin C and E, he plays the health card.

The famous Popeye has long believed that spinach was rich in iron, which is not wrong, but this iron is poorly absorbed by the body. Better bet on black pudding or clams!

In the Sevellia grocery store, spinach concentrate is convenient for garnishing a pie shell .

And to change the flavor, organic herbal tea in bulk mix spinach, lemongrass and mint!

Garlic, a great food!

Making its appearance in April, garlic has extraordinary health benefits. Consuming garlic would help fight against the appearance of certain cancers. Its action comes both from its ability to limit the growth of cancer cells and its protective action against the deleterious effects of these same cells. Its sulfur compounds would explain its health effects. In this case it is necessary to consume a certain quantity (2 pods per day).

Garlic also has antimicrobial properties.

Rhubarb, the queen of fibers

Harvested in April, rhubarb is known as “sweet” because it is used in the preparation of jams or pies, but botanically speaking it is a vegetable. Its natural acidity goes very well with some salty dishes: it goes wonderfully with fatty fish that it alleviates as well as the calves or poultry that it raises.

The edible portion of the plant, the stem, provides a significant amount of fiber – the leaves are toxic because of the oxalic acid they contain. In the stems, the insoluble fibers, eight times larger than the soluble fibers, contribute to regulate the intestinal transit. It would also affect the amount of blood lipids.

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