We all know that nurses are not just essential but also a very important aspect in providing everyday care and assistance to patients in times of their illness or in their pain. They are in charge of the patient’s feeding, bathing, and clothing which they supervise on a daily basis until their patient is discharged from the hospital.Nurses play a key role in the recovery of the patients who are confined in the hospital because they are the ones who see the current situation of these sick people who are in dire need of not just medical care but empathy and compassion. Being a nurse goes beyond to giving your patients medical care, it is the compassion that matters the most and along with it is the full understanding of the patient’s sensitive situation.Our friends from Wellcrest Medical will help you find out what makes a good hospital nurse, check out the steps that we provided below, and hopefully, you will take time to read.

  1. EMPATHY- Empathy means a lot of things but it all comes down to putting yourself in your patient’s shoes so that you can fully understand their situation and how they feel. Empathy is essential for nurses because they are the ones who are there beside their patients. Empathy means that you acknowledge and respect your patient’s concerns, viewpoints, and even simple requests which makes them feel more cared and more important. This will also help build a clearer communication between you and your patient that will eventually build trust as well.
  2. COMMUNICATE- Communicating is listening to your patient’s needs especially that they are not feeling well, they will always complain about their condition that is why listening to their needs and complaints will help ease their discomfort. Communicating with them allows you to know any symptoms or feelings that your patient cannot fully distinguish. Try asking them questions about their physical and emotional needs so that you can come up with the best care-giving preferences. Communicating with them somehow ease the discomfort or the pain that they feel because of their illness because you were able to divert their attention from it.
  3. POSITIVITY- Just imagine yourself lying on a hospital bed, helpless and in pain, and the people surrounding you looks miserable as well, for sure you will just feel iller rather than having a hope that you might feel well that is why as a nurse, you should give a smile and compassion to your patient. If you see your patient sad or not feeling well physically and emotionally, try to make them feel more positive by telling them that they will get better soon. Showing positivity to these sick people somehow gives them hope that they will be healed from their illnesses and this also helps their health to improve and they also get the much-needed support.

According to tarneit medical centre showing positivity, empathy and communicating to your patient is crucial. Here are some ways in showing your patients that you care for them. You should face them when you are talking to them and make an eye contact, give them a smile, make your tone of voice kind, speak with positive affirmation, nod your head when you understand what they are saying, show them respect, treat them equally, and stay calm when there is an emergency.

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