I start the year with a detox!

I start the year with a detox!

After the holiday season, nothing like a little detox to find lightness and going! The end-of-year meals were rhymed with a number of excesses that tired the liver and the entire body.

To regain tone, a complexion without imperfections and a dashing stomach, it is best to reduce the quantities consumed, lighten them and give the body time to recover!

For those who wish to take a break after the excesses of Christmas, or even for the most motivated to embark on a deeper detox program (ideally 2 to 3 weeks for maximum efficiency), bet on draining and detoxifying plants  !

Useful after periods of pomp, these detox can also be initiated at the change of season (spring, autumn).

Menus go green

Effective for draining and detoxifying, the detox cleans the body, especially the bodies in charge of treating and filtering waste in our own body. Namely the liver (which rejects the waste in the bile), the kidneys (in the urine) and the intestines (in the stool). Sweat and air that expires also expel a number of toxins from the body, with the skin and lungs being part of the “emunctory” organs.

First thing to do, review his menus and consume vegetables and fruits in quantity. This means reducing meat products (especially red meat), eliminating deli meats, sugary drinks and desserts wherever possible. Head for lean meats and steam fish with vegetables!

I clean my liver

Alcohol, fats and fast sugars have tired the liver. First thing, give pride to water and herbal teas.

In addition, certain plants such as milk thistle , black radish , fennel , mint , artichoke , lemon balm are indicated in liver cleansing.

As a dietary supplement,  BearverHill’s ” Liver Detox  ” capsules are used to detoxify the liver thanks to their formula based on milk thistle, artichoke and desmodium. Health Detox, a specialist in detox, offers complete cures for cleaning the liver and gall bladder  : in this case you must scrupulously follow the protocol.

I clean my kidneys

The kidneys are sophisticated organs that filter hundreds of gallons of blood and water every day. We understand why these natural filters have any interest in being cleaned naturally and regularly.

For a kidney detox, plants such as birch , horsetail , dandelion and quackgrass are recommended. The pilosella , by its diuretic action, is also advised.

The Kidney Cleanse  Dr. Clark contains a synergistic blend of herbs: Hydrangea root, marshmallow root, gravel root, ginger root and Uva Ursi, which provide a natural cleansing action. This cleansing also contains  vitamin B6  and magnesium oxide  to help keep the  kidneys  healthy, and lyophilized parsley to help flush out the toxins by increasing the amount of urine.

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