Jonathan Lauter – Identifying the Symptoms of Depression in Women

Symptoms of Depression in Women

Women play many roles in life- they are a wife, mother, caregiver, parent, friend – the list goes on. It is common for them to experience ups and downs – emotional highs and lows. They suffer from mood swings primarily because of events or hormonal changes. For some it is easier to overcome the feelings of sadness and get back to real life while there are some for whom the depression lingers for a long time. There are some cases when she feels completely worthless. This gives rise to depression and women are twice as likely to suffer from it.

Jonathan Lauter- different forms of depression in women, are most likely to suffer from 

Dr. Jonathan Lauter is an esteemed psychiatrist and a fellow with The American Psychiatric Association in the USA. He says that in New York and other prominent cities of the nation, women suffer from depression due to many causes. He says that depression in women affects women twice as more as men. Some of the most common reasons for female depression is due to reproductive hormones, the different response of women over men towards stress and the pressures of society that are unique to being a woman in the world.

Different types of depression

The following are the different types of depression that women commonly face:

  1. Severe depression- This is a common type of depression where a woman loses pleasure in doing activities she once enjoyed. This form of depression affects a woman’s ability to sleep, eat and work effectively. This adversely affects her social and interpersonal relationship. This type of depression lasts for an extended period and is accompanied by low self -esteem.
  1. Postpartum depression- This is a form of depression that occurs when a baby is born. This is commonly called “baby blues” for some women. It occurs right after the birth of the baby and might occur when a woman is still pregnant.
  1. Persistent depression- This form of depression is experienced in women who suffer from a state of depression for more than two years. This is the milder form of severe depression.
  1. Depression during the menstrual cycle- Depression is linked to a woman’s menstrual cycle. This form of depression sees a woman suffering from severe mood swings, negative thoughts, and anxiety. This form of depression starts from the first week before menstruation and subsides once the periods of a woman start. The symptoms of depression are severe to negatively impact the personal relationships of the woman and her everyday activities.

Jonathan Lautersays that women often feel very anxious and nervous when faced with depression. Men, on the other hand, become guarded when they suffer from depression. The emotional responses between men and women are different. Women often blame themselves for the depression suffered while men blame others for their state. Women feel worthless and of no use. Men often become angry and irritated when depressed. He says that it is important for both men and women to be aware of their feelings. Men often come out with their emotions and seek help however with women the case is always different- they tend to suppress their feelings and suffer in silence.

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