The 8 best spices to help your digestion

The 8 best spices to help your digestion

Do you know that some spices are particularly effective at preventing indigestion problems? Spices are often used to season dishes. These spices can be obtained from seeds, leaves, fruits, barks, bulbs or flowers.

Spices stimulate the trigeminal nerve, provide good smelling appetite and give more flavor to cooking. They are sometimes used as a conservative.

Then, depending on the specificities of the dishes, it is important to know how to choose between the possible alternatives.

Choose your spices

Each spice has its specificities. Some are valuable allies in the culinary preparation to avoid stomach upset. Spices are a great help to flavor dishes. However, they are also nutraceuticals.

With the right products, the festivities will no longer be associated with heartburn, bloating, digestive problems, etc. Discover the 8 best spices that will protect you from the risks of indigestion and help you survive the holidays.

The chilli

Chili exists in many varieties. It is used throughout the world, particularly in Africa, India, the Mediterranean countries, South America, etc.

The varieties of peppers offer several benefits. They are rich in vitamin C and have antiseptic properties. The pepper stimulates the appetite, but above all, promotes digestion.


Cinnamon , a bark with a very pleasant smell, is one of the most popular spices in the world. It is often used to flavor sweet dishes such as pastry. Its essential oil is characterized by its digestive properties.

It is also known for its stimulating, tonic and bactericidal properties. Cinnamon offers many health benefits. It is adapted to lower the blood sugar level, has strengthening effects on the hair, moisturizes the skin and promotes weight loss.


Dill belongs to the ancient pharmacopoeia of Egypt, but also of China. It is nowadays often used in condiment. Dill is effective against digestive problems. Simply infuse a dill stalk into a cup of water.

Some people add a drop of dill essential oil diluted in a small amount of honey. You can drink the infusion after a meal. Anyone can use this method to avoid bad digestion after holiday meals, except babies, young children and pregnant women.

Star anise

Star anise or star anise is a star-shaped spice with eight branches. It is obtained from a tree belonging to the magnoliaceous family. It is characterized by its exceptional perfume. Its anti-bloating actions are recognized by gastronomy experts.

The star anise can be used in decoction or herbal tea. In decoction, star anise is a good option to avoid colic or to treat diarrhea. One of the specificities of this product is that it is usable even in infants.

The preparation of an infusion of star anise is made with ease. It is necessary to boil, for a quarter of an hour, a dozen stars of star anise in half a liter of water. Then let it steep for ten minutes. A cure of star anise is done in 15 days maximum. To do this, you have to drink 3 cups a day.

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