Things One Should Know Before Visiting the Top Los Angeles Lumpectomy Procedure Specialist

Things One Should Know Before Visiting the Top Los Angeles Lumpectomy Procedure Specialist

Getting a lumpectomy procedure is getting the breast removed to prevent the spread of cancer. Dealing with breast cancer can be extremely tough and an intensive time for the whole family but when proper medical attention is given, chances are that the patient is going to recover fully. Here are a few things one should know about before a visit with the top Los Angeles lumpectomy procedure specialist.

What happens before the surgery

Lumpectomy is a major surgery and it is a good idea to know as much about it as possible before it is done. The patient is expected to reach the hospital before it is scheduled. There, the patient is expected to change into a hospital gown and wait in a pre-operative area of the hospital. It is a good thing if the tumor is seen easily. If that is not the case, there will be a procedure performed which will allow the surgeon to view or see the tumor perfectly. After this, markings will be done on the breasts to allow the surgeon to know exactly where the incisions have to be made. After this, local or general anesthesia will be given so that the surgical area is numbed.

What happens after the surgery

Here are some of the things one can expect:

  • The patient will be removed to the recovery room where the patient will be allowed to rest and come to one’s sense. After that happens, the patient may be allowed to go home the same day or the next. Usually, after lumpectomy surgery, one does not have to stay in the hospital overnight but sometimes it may be necessary. It all depends on what the patient feels like.
  • The patient will have to take pain medication at home. This will be explained to the patient by the surgeon properly after having the surgery. Pain medication is integral because if that is not taken, the pain can be too much to handle.
  • Caring for the bandage or dressing after the surgery is extremely important. It is extremely important to understand clearly how to care for the bandage especially if there is a drain that will have to be emptied more than once a day.
  • There may be infections happening especially if the patient has to take the drain home with her. Recognizing the early signs of infection is very important in this regard to prevent any problems. Getting the infection treated right away is crucial.

It is very crucial that any questions one may have about the surgery and life after it is addressed and answered by the surgeon. There should be a willingness to talk it out and it is also a good thing to be clear about the procedure that is to be followed before anything happens. Getting treated for cancer can be tough but if the top Los Angeles lumpectomy procedure specialist is available, one has fewer things to worry about.

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