Top 3 Issues a Successful Breast Implant Revision Procedure Can Address

Top 3 Issues a Successful Breast Implant Revision Procedure Can Address

Many women undergo breast argumentation procedure for obvious reasons. They feel that taking such a step can make appear more attractive in the eyes of others. This boosts their self-confidence. However, prominent cosmetic experts say they fail to understand an important fact. The treatment they choose to take is surgery. This kind of operation has certain inherent risks which are unavoidable at times. Such medical specialists agree recent technological advancements have made this popular procedure much safer. However, it is foolish on the part of such patients to assume its results can be absolutely permanent. Things can go wrong despite the best efforts of the doctor attending them. This is when they need to have a revision procedure.

Why do women need to undergo a breast implant revision procedure?

Such medical professionals explain breast argumentation surgeries can go wrong for many reasons. The causes generally differ from one patient to another. However, the common complaints relate to changes in tissue elasticity. This can result because of the age of woman undergoing the treatment, pregnancy or incorrect placement of the implant. In such cases, the patient generally notices the contours and symmetry of their breasts suddenly change. Such features of their bodies may appear unnatural to them. In the worst-case scenario, it can lead to serious health problems. This is when the doctor examining them may suggest they undergo revision surgery.  The objective of this operation is to correct the issues resulting from the unsuccessful procedure.

Issues which this operation can address?

These experts clarify that a breast implant revision procedure can rectify the following 3 important problems:

  1. Deflation of the breast implants

During an argumentation procedure, most surgeons install saline implants in the patient’s breasts. However, such artificial structures can sometimes leak or beak. This is the reason why the individual undergoing the operation notices such features her body deflating. Such conditions don’t pose a health threat to her. However, the deformity can make her look unattractive. In a revision surgery, the doctor replaces the old implants with new ones.

  1. Implant malposition

This is a very common problem result from an unsuccessful breast argumentation surgery. In this case, the pocket in the patients’ breast which holds implant start to grow bigger. After it reaches a certain size, the prosthetic structure falls out of its proper place. In this case, the surgeon needs to conduct a revision surgery first to correct the size of the pocket. Only then can this doctor proceed to insert a new implant in place of the old one.

  1. Sudden changes in the tissues of such organs

A woman may undergo a successful breast argumentation procedure. However, after a certain period, she notices her breasts suddenly change. This condition can arise when she ages, undergoes a pregnancy or losses considerable weight. She may have to take revision surgery to restore the shape of such organs.

A breast implant revision procedure can be necessary to restore a patient’s aesthetic looks. The operation to reverse the above 3 negative results of unsuccessful breast argumentation system. In the process, it can help the individual regain her self-confidence.

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