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Help Lose Weight

In recent decades, konjac (glucomannan) has emerged as a food additive and slimming capsule in the United States and Europe. Konjac may have a number of proven virtues, but it remains to be seen whether it also promotes weight loss.

What is konjac / glucommanne? Does it promote weight loss? Read this article to find out.

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  • What unique property does Konjac have?
  • The benefits of konjac
  • The disadvantages and side effects of konjac
  • If I recommend konjac to people who want to lose weight
  • What are the opinions on konjac
  • Where to buy or order konjac

What is konjac / glucomannan?

Konjac is a plant that grows in the warm subtropical regions of East Asia and whose rhizome provides a soluble dietary fiber: glucomannan. It is also found under the names konnyaku or language of the devil. Konjak is a low calorie but high fiber plant.

Glucomannan is composed of 40% of the dry weight of the plant, and is often used as an additive in Asian cuisine for its thickening effect.

In Asia, konjac has been used for a very long time as a natural remedy and as a food.

In the West, konjac fibers have recently begun to attract attention for their supposed action on weight loss.

The konjac now has an E number (E425) ( source ). E numbers are codes for substances that can be used as food additives in the European Union.

A normal serving of konjac powder is half a teaspoon (2 g), which is equivalent to about 5 calories and 2.5 g of fiber. This dose corresponds to about 10 percent of daily fiber requirements.

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